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Make Hair Color Last Longer

1. Stay away from hot showers

Time to turn down the heat. Hot showers are not only a recipe for dry and rough skin, but they also massacre your hue. Hot water opens the cuticle to wash away the dye. Shampoo and rinse your hair with room temperature water. Dry using a towel, condition and rinse with cold water to seal the cuticle. That keeps your locks looking nice, hydrated and eliminates split ends.

2. Don’t wash frequently

Shampooing your hair every day washes away your hair color and natural oils as well. Opt for a dry shampoo to soak up grease, sweat and also add volume.

3. Avoid sulfate-based shampoo on color-treated hair

When washing, go for gentle, sulfate-free shampoos to make your streaks look fabulous for longer. Sulfates contain salts that strip away moisture and color from hair. Moisture loss is the leading cause of loss of color hair.

4. Add a shower filter

Hard water removes dyes and natural oils very fast. Filters remove mineral sediments, the saboteurs

Detox Foot Spas

Buyer Beware

But the surging interest in both detoxification and the detox foot spa has meant that there is a wide selection of detox foot spas offered from different manufacturers, and not all of them are equal. If you’re in the market for a detox foot spa, you should watch our for those being offered by vendors who are only interested in making a quick buck and will be out of business long before you have a chance to report any problems with the detox foot spas they sell you.

Then there are those detox foot spa vendors who have absolutely no qualms about hyping their products with incorrect information and badly thought out treatment advice. If you do decide to buy a detox foot spa, make sure it meets both ISO 9001 standards and those of occupational hygiene.

Tips For Finding A Good Detox Foot Spa

Examine the detox foot spa controls with great care, to make sure they do not interfere with the foot bowl. Otherwise you risk soaking the controls ever time

Spa Treatments at Home

For a natural facial treatment a slice of cucumber can be used which should be placed over each eye for a few minutes. For sufferers of puffy eyes, ice cubes or a cold, damp cloth can be placed over the eyes to bring down the puffiness. Nourishing eye pads could also be used as an alternative because as they are cool they aid in the reduction of puffiness while soothing, refreshing, and revitalizing the eye at the same time, and the whole process only takes a few minutes. For extra coolness you could even keep the pads in the fridge.

While your eyes are being nourished eyes, why not give your body a pampering by filling your bath and soaking in hot water full of restorative minerals. These have the effect of leaving the skin feeling soft and silky smooth to the touch. A body scrub is the perfect accompaniment for this and is used to exfoliate the dead skin from the body. Once the relaxing bath is over, rub on some moisturizing mineral

Laser Hair Removal: No Pain Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has developed more and more famous over the last few years. That’s because lasers have developed to be efficient on more people and the price has reduced. Let us take a moment and look at some of the obvious benefits which are linked with utilizing lasers for all your hair removal needs.

Laser Hair Removal Needs Less Maintenance

Now we know that the majority of people likes the idea of absolute permanent hair removal. Nonetheless, it would be better to have the significant expectation that some hair will regrow. Luckily, the major change comes from the fact that the bit of hair which does regrow isn’t the similar dark coarse hair it was before.

That denotes that instead of having to shave on a regular basis, you might just need to shave once every few months. As you can visualize, that’s a pretty huge change from the standard routine.

Laser Hair Removal London Boosts your Confidence

You won’t longer have to think about how long it has been since you last shaved your legs. As an alternative, you will gain more confidence because you will know that your skin is

Short Strawberry Blonde Hair Colour to Inspire Your Next Look

What makes short strawberry much admirable is the numerous colours that can be combined. Besides, the intensities of each shade make a huge statement. For instance, boosting the red hue can improve the golden colour to fuse amazingly into a rose hair colour.

Principally, champagne, honey, and golden hair shades are common for this reason. The red undertones, ombre, and highlights are also suitable options in strawberry hair shade combinations. This is a great post to read to get more insights on these hair colour combinations.


  1. Strawberry Blonde Hair Ombre

Short strawberry blonde hair styled in ombre is a common thanks to its seamless combination of shades.  For this style, it changes from dark red at the roots to the tan blonde at the trimmings. Maintain it at the shoulder length to make it easy to style and more versatile.


  1. Curly Strawberry Blonde Hair

This strawberry inspired shade makes this medium

Changes Spa & Aesthetics is best for Electrolysis in Mountain Lakes

Are you looking for a healthy and authentic skincare experience in Mountain Lakes? Well, the best place to be is Changes Spa & Aesthetics. They are very professional and use modern technology to ensure you walk out of the spa feeling a completely new you.

They provide services such as electrolysis, facials, and massage. They use natural treatments and products that help in improving your skin. It also nourishes your body and soul. They have the best and most professional masseuses that offer the best and most relaxing massages in the spa.  They have very good and encouraging reviews as well. Actually, you should try them out! With a number of recommendations from their frequent customers, it is without a doubt that they truly are the best in Mountain Lakes. For whatever service you need even if it waxing, they got you covered. They also have amazing and affordable packages to suit the needs of all their clients. For them, it is clear that client satisfaction is their happiness.

Among all the services they provide,

Quick Makeup

Makeup Beauty Tips

1. Wash your face good with a moisturizing soap before applying any makeup to your face. Also, be sure to add a moisturizer as well and let dry.

2. Keep your skin healthy by drinking plenty of water and eating the right foods such as vegetables, fruits and other food high in vitamins and minerals.

3. Be sure to choose make up that goes with your skin type. For example, if you have brown hair and darker skin tone, you will want to choose lighter shades of makeup.

4. Add emphasis to your eyes by applying a mid tone hue to the corner of each eye. Make sure the tone goes well with your skin, clothing, and jewelry for best results.

5. Thicken eyelashes with an eyelash curler and then apply two coats of mascara afterwards. Always use a waterproof mascara to avoid smudging.

Some women prefer their natural beauty over makeup. With natural beauty, there is no need for makeup or accessories because beauty comes from the inside and not the outside. Just as important is follow makeup beauty tips to improve your complexion, so is following natural

Skincare Habits

Avoid Excessive Eye Cream: Some women believe using branded under eye creams would cure their problems of dark circles but an overdose of it should be avoided. An excessive amount of under eye cream causes puffiness around the eyes and block pores causing of trapping more dark pigments and dull looking eyes. It is advised to use a pea-size amount of eye cream. Apply 3 dots under your eye and scrub it in gently with circular movements around the eyes.

Inadequate Sleep: You need sufficient amount of sleep for your skin to glow. While you are sleeping the growth hormones of your body stimulate cell regeneration and tissue repair. With an inadequate amount of rest, the repair process slows down causing age-related defects like sagging, dull skin etc. You should get at least eight hours of sleep every night for a healthy and glowing skin.

Stop Over-exfoliating: Removal of the dead cells from the top layer of the skin is absolutely necessary but using facial scrubs too often can remove the natural oils from your skin. Moreover, the harsh chemicals in the facial scrubs cause an allergic reaction and make your skin more sensitive. Thus be

Easy Makeup Tips In The Morning

1. Prior Preparation is the Key

This is one of the easiest and the most sorted out tip. By getting your beauty and makeup kit ready beforehand a night before will act as a great time saver for you. Before going to bed make sure that all your products are already lined up so that you don’t waste your time looking out for them in the morning.

2. Foundation Should Be Used When It’s Really Required

One of the ways in which you can save your time while applying foundation is by using it strategically. The best way to apply it is in a T shape which can be done by applying it under the eyes and from nose to the bottom of the chin. These are those areas where most of the people would require the foundation. After applying the foundation, all you need to do is blend it outward over the face with the help of a damp makeup sponge.

3. Make Use of An Eye Shadow Palette

A palette that comes with complementary shades in it will save a lot of your time in figuring out which of the eyeshadow

Beauty Tips For Teenage Girls

Daily Hair Brushing For Healthy Hair

Have you been told that to have healthy hair you need to brush your hair vigorously, at least 100 strokes of the brush, at least once every day? This beauty tip was generally accepted as being true until very recently. Probably because any excessive brushing of the hair will stimulate the production of natural oils in the scalp leaving the hair looking shiny and healthy. Recent studies have shown that this type of excess hair brushing not only causes you to have a very oily scalp leading to plugged hair pores to hinder hair growth plus the action of the brushing alone can weaken hair follicles and enhance the chances of hair breakage. So the smart conclusion seems to be that this is one of those beauty tips for teenage girls which can actually cause more harm than good. Final verdict: Fiction

Too Much Sitting Causes Varicose Veins

Have you ever seen someone with dark blue veins running like a spider web up and down their legs and feet? If so, then you have seen what are called varicose veins. One of the often shared beauty tips for teenage

Homemade Spa Treatment

Trying out home spa ideas can help a great deal in rejuvenating you and that too without spending loads of money. For a home spa massage, you don’t really require any special equipment like massage table. All you need is to use your creative imagination to set the mood for relaxation. Life becomes beautiful if you know how to enjoy life and cherish its every moment.

Setting the perfect atmosphere for relaxing your body is very essential, otherwise there is no point taking so much pains. Enjoying the home spa massage with your partner would be a fantastic idea, not only to recharge your energy but also to add some spark to your love life.

Random Tip: Keep your mobiles switched off, while you spa treatment is going on.

Put on some light, soothing music to further enhance your relaxation. Dim lights or candles are just perfect for the spa treatment.

You can prepare the spa by lighting candles around the bathtub. Stress relief and scented candles really help to unwind. Start filling the bathtub with tolerably hot water. Put about a tablespoon of shampoo, shower and bath gel and stress relief mineral bath

Smart Eye Shadow Hacks

Using a Primer is the First Step
The first and most important step to applying eye shadow is to use a primer. Without applying primer, the colour of your eye shade will never pop, giving your eye an unappealing, creasy look. By using primer on your eye, the issue of oily or creased lids along with fading and smearing, is automatically solved. Be sure to use a primer to even the skin tone of your eye lid for smooth eye shade application.

Never Compromise On Your Brushes
To apply you need a good brush, so investing in the perfect eye brushes is therefore mandatory. Without using the correct eye shadow brush you cannot even think of getting the best possible results. So get rid of the sponge applicators that come with your eye palette, and switch to actual brushes.

Define Your Eyes with a Cut Crease Blend
In order to get the focus on your eye shadow, you need to apply contrasting shades on the eyelids. To create the look take a darker and blend it on the upper crease. Connect the end of the line with the outer corner of your eye to create a

Must Visit a Beauty Spa

1. We all need time off. Endless work simply isn’t good for you, no matter how important it might be to the rest of your life. Sometimes, it is vital that you simply take some time for yourself, relax completely, and pamper yourself a little. If you’ve stopped looking in the mirror recently because you have started looking run down, or if you have begun to snap at the people around you, it’s time to give yourself a day to unwind.

2. The big occasion. We all have important days in our lives, whether they’re job interviews, dates, Christmas parties or weddings. Generally, we like to look good for the important events, regardless of what we do the rest of the time. If you have something big coming up, and you want to look great for it, a trip to your local spa could be just the thing you need.

3. It’s altruistic. Or at least, it is if you take along a friend who is desperately in need of it. We all know at least one person like that, don’t we? Spa days can be perfect presents, or simply perfect ways of spending a day

Organic Products Rules

Organic spas are a one stop solution to all your beauty needs. Starting from pedicure, manicure, facials, bleaches and other such dedicated services, organic salons have been an absolute favorite for people all around. Massage therapies are also immensely popular and are in heavy demand these days. Spent a day at an organic spa and feel relaxed and energized. That’s the beauty of a spa and what it does to rejuvenate your body mind and soul. Beauty treatments like cosmetic therapies are also something hast makes a spa unique in their approach and offering. These days spas have picked up small to moderate cosmetic therapies and one can avoid a cosmetic surgeon’s clinic to avail the same.

Change the way you look

We all know how a simple change in the hairstyle can alter the way we look. At beauty spas and hair salons, skin and hair care is left at the hands of the industry professionals who offer the very best services that one and all craves for. The skin and hair care experts have been trained to deliver a dedicated service and hence one can’t seem to get a better option than that anywhere

Hair Removal Problems Solved

1. Too much facial hair

Most people dealing with excessive facial hair resort to shaving. But shaving removes only surface hair which can grow back quickly in a day or less. If you hate shaving daily or don’t like the thought of it becoming part of your beauty routine, then waxing may be the right solution for you. However, be warned that waxing can be painful. So if you don’t mind the pain and discomfort, waxing removes hair from the root causing hair to take longer to grow back, allowing you to enjoy your baby smooth skin longer before needing to wax again.

But we are living creatures with our own body cycles, hormonal cycles, and body clock which dictate how much hair should grow on our upper lip. You may find that despite regular waxing your facial hair is coarser or thicker than ever before. This is particularly true of women undergoing hormonal changes in their body.

What to do: Different hair removal methods each have their own pros and cons. If you intend to get rid of your facial hair for good, you can try laser hair removal. While laser hair removal can

Lavender Oil Proves for Skin and Face

#1. Acne: For keeping your skin free from mild acne and other blemishes add lavender oil to the night oil you use on a daily basis. You can even try the beauty recipe of mixing 2 tablespoons of tree tea oil with 4 drops of lavender essential oil and apply on the affected areas of your face and leave the pack on your face overnight. The following morning wash it off and by using this face pack for a couple of weeks you will notice the difference.

#2. Bee Sting: Lavender essential oil reduces painful inflammation and itching caused by a bee sting. You can apply a diluted portion of the oil on the wound directly. If you are uncomfortable doing so, you can mix the oil with coconut oil for a soothing effect on your skin.

#3. Eczema: It is a skin problem characterized by inflamed, dry, itchy and patchy skin caused by yeast or bacteria buildup. For treating this problem, make a formulation with Shea butter, Vitamin E lotion and 10-15 drops of the essential Lavender oil.

#4. SunBurn: Get rid of the flaky, blotchy and dry skin caused by sunburn by applying

All about Spa Bridal Shower

What woman doesn’t deserve a day at the spa? Some go on a regular basis while others only treat themselves on rare occasions. How cool would it be for your lady guests to open up a spa-theme invitation asking to come and get pampered with bride?

After arriving dressed casually and comfortably, the day could start off with a yoga routine, and then be followed by a deep cleaning mask, a neck message and finish with a manicure and pedicure. The ideas are up to you to choose! You can provide mineral water, flavoured water, fruit shakes, a healthy lunch – preferably finger foods, as it would be more comfortable for mixing and mingling. Definitely provide a little treat or cake for dessert (gotta have a little bit of calories) with sliced fresh fruit.

You could rent out a spa salon for the day, but I would bet that most salons would accommodate you on a day they are closed or after regular business hours. If the rental of the facility is out of your budget, then look into doing it right in your home! Many companies offer a variety of in-home spa services. Decor would

Spa Salon Advantages to Glowing You

Many who have been to a salon and spa for a service or two can now tell you that it is all worth it. As you go through proven services from trained staffs, you can definitely have a taste of most if not all of these wonderful benefits when you visit a salon and spa:

· An opportunity to escape from (almost) everything.
· To be able to relax.
· Find inner peace.
· Experienced what pampering really means.
· Beauty enhancement like make-up applications, manicure and pedicure, etc.

Mainly they offer two groups of services with different varieties to choose from:

1. Massage Treatment- tag as the most popular treatment in almost every salon and spa. This is for relaxation, assisting in healing, as well as taking the stresses away from your body system. Other benefit that the massage treatment gives includes proper stimulation of blood circulation, easing much tension and improves your flexibility. A massage technique and styles varies and may offer you therapy and reflexology massage, aroma therapy massage, the ever-popular Zen shiatsu, Swedish and hot stone kinds of massage. Any or a combination of this massages being offered can surely bring

Natural Healing Wonders

Various spa procedures such as aromatherapy, relaxation techniques such as yoga, facial and body scrubs and massage, the use of sauna and Jacuzzi and among others are employed in combination with relaxing drinks such as teas made from a variety of herbs and plants. Many countries, specifically China, have a wide array of herbal medicines and teas which can be traced back from their culture of traditional Chinese medicine.

If you are planning to open a spa, having a background in tea-making, tea ceremonies, its variety and different purposes and benefits will certainly work to your advantage. Although not all tea varieties are good for the health, it is all the more helpful that you only offer tea drinks that are widely known to perform wonders to the mind, body and spirit.

The oolong tea, which originated from the Fujian province of China, although many countries such as Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam have grown to produce a considerable amount of it, has become very popular among the supermarkets, specialty stores, spa salons and cafes, be it in its unfermented and semi-fermented form. The tea leaves undergo different levels and forms of fermentation process to produce various

Spa and Aromatherapy Courses

In typical spa and aromatherapy courses, students are introduces to a variety of hands-on classes including studies in herbs and essential oils in natural beauty and healthcare, skin therapies (i.e., detoxification, microderm abrasion, etc.), beauty and holistic skincare nutrition, esthetics, body wrapping, facials and exfoliations, Swedish massage therapy, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, seated massage, and sometimes, reflexology. Depending on the independent spa and aromatherapy courses in which you participate, some programs may integrate basic CPR and first aid, in addition to physiology and anatomy.

While curriculums vary, so do lengths of actual spa and aromatherapy courses. In some cases, spa and aromatherapy courses may be held as weekend workshops and holistic health seminars, but for the career-oriented individuals, certification is possible in longer training programs that may be well above 900 training hours.

Students who graduate and achieve certificates from spa and aromatherapy courses can use these important credentials to work in entry-level positions as spa and aromatherapist technicians in a wellness clinic, massage therapy facility, spa salon or day spa. In addition to working in natural healthcare clinics, experienced spa technicians and aromatherapists can work in the tourist industry at luxury hotels, tropical