New York Fashion Week 2015

The recently concluded Spring 2015 Bridal Fashion Week in New York City showcased a variety of bridal gowns from sought after designers like Oscar de la Renta, Marches, Monique Lhuillier and Jenny Packham. In a runway presentation, these fashion houses threw a broad outlook into designs that would dominate bridal fashion in the coming fashion season.
The designs ranged from Grace Kelly inspired traditional Victorian gowns to caftans outfitted with lace and trimming for getaway weddings like island and beach destination ones.

In a surprise twist, the doyenne of bridal fashion Vera Wang opted to show her latest collections through an online video promotion which, of course, had a much wider reach and gave rise to much sharing of comments and views through a much larger audience.

Carolina Herrera

The spotlight was once again back on the traditional white bridal gowns; Herrera’s designs were about luxury detailing, embellished lace, crystal belts all in strapless designs.

Jenny Packham

Jenny Packham won herself a ‘champion for all women’ award with her recent show that opened and closed with the most beautiful and traditional bridal gowns, except that there was one most reassuring factor running through the collection. The sizes were for well endowed Plus-Size women showing that even those without perfect curves could show off their body outline in near perfection without having to squeeze themselves into smaller size fittings and hoping they won’t bust a stitch somewhere. The inspiration for the current designs came from Madame Yevonde, the British photographer who specialized in portraits of women socialites of the 1930s. There was a throwback to the Hollywood era of the 30s where popular stars featured in elaborate evening wear gowns with beaded overlays.


The peerless and gracious style of the former Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly has inspired many a fashion line and Marchesa hit bull’s eye this season. One of the season’s collections was a dress that mirrored the one worn by Grace Kelly when she married the Prince of Monaco in 1956; Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen bridal gown was a takeoff on this style. The collection showed off some mid-ankle length bridal gowns, a fashion trend that is becoming very popular in recent times. For those wishing to make an oomph statement, the slinky lace dress with sweetheart neckline was right on the dot.

Monique Lhuillier

Here is a designer that looks to paintings for inspiration, John Singer Sargent being the lucky one here. The collection titled ‘my ethereal daydream’ featured tulle gowns with layered tiers and cascading hemlines, the perfect choice for the romantic bride. The Mermaid Hemline again found a place in the collection and was an instant standout. What was even most interesting were the gown options in colors beyond traditional white like mint green and periwinkle, indicative of changing trends.

Oscar de la Renta

His signature styles often keep his creations ahead of the line and this time around also, the designer’s loyalists were absolutely pleased with his creations. The taffeta gown design was strikingly ‘Audrey Hepburn’ style. His beach style wedding collection made an impact for brides choosing to have destination weddings; equally outstanding were the short dress options.

Vera Wang

Known to think out-of-the box, the cue for this season’s collection from Wang settled on romantic grunge, specially the sheer floor-length lace gowns. The designer drew particular praise for the ethereal quality of some gowns that were layered in chiffon and had unfinished hems. In one of their earlier collections, they made a stunning style statement with an all-black collection of gowns and this time too, the boundaries were extended with a collection mix of strapless, traditional gowns.

Whatever fancies brides have about their D-days and bridal gowns, there’s the perfect design for every bride out there. Watters Wedding Dresses [] are a huge favorite of the modern young bridge for many reasons but the most important one is the belief expounded by founder-designer Vatana Watters that ‘design is where the perfect wedding gown begins, not where it ends’. Watters Designs goes the extra mile to customize wedding dresses with exquisite designs, incredible range in quality of material and their meticulous attention to the smallest detail; all delivered to the bridge at most reasonable prices. The Watters Wedding Dress Salma [] Design 3080B that showcased in the spring of 2013 is a huge favorite with romantic brides and the reason is not hard to find; its lace sheath strapless design with a ‘Slim-skirt, Sweep-train, Grosgrain ribbon detail on the bodice and Sweetheart neckline form the perfect backdrop to modernity and tradition.

Designer Handbags for Women

Women handbags are considered as fashion statement that can make or break each outfit that a woman is wearing. More and more women are craving for designer and luxurious handbags but they often lack the needed funds. Knowing how to purchase handbags at the best price certainly saves you several dollars and allows you to be thrifty and marvelous at the same time. Searching for the best priced handbags can be tiresome however you can purchase elegant handbags without spending so much. These handbags are certainly beneficial for carrying much needed items and stuffs but oftentimes these are considered as accessories. Several handbags go well with any kind of outfits but others are also saved for special occasions and functions. It is very significant to purchase handbags that will last for several more years.

When you are searching for the perfect handbag go for style, durability and affordability. Style is very important because it defines who you are. Durability will be a determining factor whether you can make use of your handbags lots of times. Being an accessory, buying affordable handbags is must since you will also be spending much on clothes and other things. Fashion is very crucial for most women since they always want to look their grandest in everything from the way they look and carry themselves. Women often get crazy over designer items that are sold much lower than their original price. Designer and luxurious handbags are shopping items that women cannot avoid purchasing.

When we talk about fashion and style, women will always find several ways to search for trendy stuffs and accessories that will make them look their finest. Even if designer handbags are a little bit expensive women will constantly search plenty of purchase options just to acquire handbags that will make them stand out. Whenever they are on the search for these types of handbags, they will be obligated to buy them online or in other retail stores for a discounted price. What is important is that they have acquired designer handbags without spending too much. These handbags are definitely crafted from high quality materials and are often regarded as a shopping investment.

Designer handbags made by famous personalities are definitely pricier which only few women can afford. If you are one of these women there is no need for you to worry since these handbags are now available at reduced prices. You will be able to save several hundred dollars however make certain that you are purchasing the real thing. Make some research to ensure that what you are getting at is an authentic handbag for a cheaper price. Save hundreds of dollars every time you purchase a designer handbag. You don’t have to spend so much on these handbags just be sure that what you are acquiring is not a fake. Begin your shopping spree now and be trendy. Carry your designer handbags and appear great all the time.

Sexy Cowboy Boots For Women

Wearing cowboy boots is a fashion statement. Although many people choose cowboy boots because of their comfort and durability, being a fashionable item is the main reason why cowboy boots for women are chosen more often over other stylish pairs of shoes.

However, it is important to remember that just because it is fashionable does not mean it can be used anytime, under any circumstances. You also need to make sure you are wearing your boots with the right combination of clothes; else it would look less fashionable than you expect.

Here are some reminders as to when to use your boots.

1. Wear them with the right color combination. Leather boots nowadays come in different colors. Aside from the typical brown and black, they also come in red, green, white and more.

2. Use the right type at the right occasion. Some boots for women are manufactured for a specific purpose – some are for bike riding, while some are for trekking. These types have thicker soles and are more focused on comfort, fit and durability other than style. Women’s boots that are worn for style have higher heels and have intricate designs, so do not confuse them with the other styles.

3. Choose a boot style that you are comfortable with. Even if you choose a highly stylish pair of cowboy boots, if you are not confident in wearing them, then it will be useless.

Now here are some tips when not to use your boots.

1. Do not stereotype cowboy boots with the ranch-style fashion. These boots are not created for use as costumes for cowboy or Western themes; rather these are created for style and as fashion statement. You have to wear them as an outfit with other clothes like dresses and jeans, not just with checkered tops and cowboy hats.

2. Do not overdo it. They are a fashion statement all on their own – you should wear something simple when wearing them. Some boots for women are embroidered with designs while others come in different cuts; hence they are fashionable already. If you wear something fashionable over it, that would be too much.

3. Do not overuse them. Creating a fashion statement is fine, just do not wear them everyday. A fashion statement will no longer be a statement if it becomes too common.

Cowboy boots for women is an investment that you should not miss. High-quality boots, although expensive, can last for three to six years, maybe even more, depending on the care that you exercise on your shoes.

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Tips on Buying Mens Dress Shirts

Looking for a dressing shirt, the first thing you need to know is your size. Mens shirt sizes have two numbers: neck size, and sleeve length. The piece you are choosing should be comfortable and well-fitting, so make sure you’ve measured yourself to get an exact fit. Here are some points to consider while buying a dress shirt:

1. Consider which style you want: Athletic, also called slim fitted, regular or full. Regular is a little looser than the athletic fit and full is the loosest of all dress shirts fits. All these have different fitting and should be chosen as per person’s own stature and physique.

2. Stripes, Solids or Prints: If you are confused with so many options available in the color of mens shirt, go with a color or pattern that is trendy. Before you start buying every color of dress shirt available, it is better to take idea from others around you to distinguish what would be suitable. If everyone is donning a white or blue dressing shirt, then you might not get others’ attention seriously in a brightly-colored striped shirt.

3. If you are buying a shirts for office, consider is there any office dress code? Generally, some offices such as law offices and financial institutions have official policies about wearing certain types of color.

4. In addition to style and color, pay attention to details. Mostly the first thing people consider is the color, but it’s the details that will define its style as well. Make sure you appropriately check the style of the collar, cuffs and pocket of a dress shirt before you purchase it. You’ll most likely find that there are shirt details you prefer over others.

5. Collars Straight-point: The most familiar and trendy style is the V-shaped points of a straight-point collar and they look great on any wearer.

6. Button-down: Not as much formal as other dressing shirt collars, the button-down collar is usually tailored of a softer fabric and pressed with less starch.

7. Cuffs Barrel: There are barrel cuffs, also known as a button cuff, as they close with at least one button, and possibly more than one. If there are several buttons, these can be used to adjust the fit. Other is French or double cuffs that have fabric that is long and folds back. These are closed with a cufflink or silk knot. Many people prefer French cuffs as they are more formal than a barrel cuff. And other is convertible that can be closed with buttons or cufflinks.

8. Pockets Placement: Check out where pockets are placed. If you are looking for more formal shirts, then do not consider mens shirts with two chest pockets. A single chest pocket gives more formal look and the most common for official wear.

9. Find the Right Fabric that give you total comfort, you can choose fabrics such as Cotton, Cotton blends, Linen, Broadcloth, Poplin, Oxford, Twill according to the season and occasion.

10. There are various online stores available that offer exciting discount on mens shirts, so browse different stores to grab the best offers.