Four Seasons of Stylish Indonesian Batik and Ikat Ensemble

Hey there fashionistas!

One of the biggest
misconceptions of wearing the vibrant colored Indonesian textile, including
Batik, Tenun, Ikat, etc, is that such textile is only wearable during spring
and summer season, either in Northern or Southern Hemisphere.

Well, my aim through this
article is to showcase that such conception is incorrect and tremendously out
of date.

Since the

Some of the epic movies which have highlighted the Indian culture through clothes

If you think that Hollywood is the only place where you have the access to elaborate dresses and fancy wardrobes then you are mistaken. Bollywood is also a place where actresses have enormous wardrobes and get to wear the most beautiful dresses that anyone would swoon to have. From the old days to now we have seen amazing costumes as well as the actresses that have almost always been the fashion statement and the style icons of the particular generations. Here we try to showcase to you the films where we have seen the best of the designers in Indian cultural clothes that have forever immortalized those attires in our mind.


We all remember the famous and iconic Madhubala and her epic performance in Mughal E Azam. It was a movie by K Asif that portrayed a tragic romance between the Prince and a courtesan that was played by Madhubala. The costume that Madhubala was wearing in the movie became famous as the present day Anarkali suits. The most famed one is the one that she beautiful wears and dances in the song “Jab PyarKiyatohDarna Kya”. The costume was embellished with zardari, mirror, nets and chumkis. This Anarkali style has been made more popular in the recent times by actresses from MalikaSherawat to Madhuri Dixit who have sported the Anarkali in various movies and award functions.

Simple silk sarees were also made popular by leading actresses. If you remember the movie Brahmachari you most definitely will remember Rajashree who was the leading lady in the movie. The most striking image is that of Rajashree being draped in an orange saree having a shiny golden border. Although the style was extremely unconventional she carried it off most stylishly and that was the time sarees gained popularity and all youngsters wanted to drape themselves in sarees.

Most of you will remember the epic by Muzzafar Ali called UmraoJaan. Rekha has most definitely immortalized herself as well as her role in the movie. In the movie Rekha plays the love lorn character UmraoJaan whose life is a tragedy. She is seen wearing her brocade that is pearl hued. And throughout the movie dripping in all sorts of polkis as well as jadau. Ornaments hang from almost all parts of her body. This epic movie clearly portrayed the clothes that are so famous in the Indian culture.

The next style icon in the Bollywood is the famous Madhuri Dixit. She has been seen wearing amazing and gorgeous Indian attires in many dance numbers across many Bollywood movies. We all remember her for Tezaab (Ek do teen), KhalNayak (Cholikepeeche) and Sailaab (Humkoajkal). Although nothing could be better than the attire that she wore for DiditeraDevardeewana. In the movie she was wearing a purple colored satin sari that was encrusted with crystals. This gave it a sizzling effect and the movie went on to become one of the greatest hits ever.

Versace and Givenchy: A Phenomenal Partnership

both Donatella Versace, the Italian Empress of fashion, and Riccardo Tisci, the
Italian born Creative Director of Givenchy, released their photos two months
ago in social media, their faithful followers were struck with intense joy.
JET, for example, is one of them. 

Donatella Versace, in her photo caption, wrote that she
would like to launch the creative collaboration with

STOP PRESS: Re-Make of Romance Was Born’s Gumnut Boys Jacket

Dear die-hard fans of
Romance Was Born (RWB), Australian leading designer, and loyal devotee of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, the epic Australian children’s book, dreams do
come true!!!

Due to popular demand of
Gumnut Boys varsity jacket, a little bird told me that the famous Australian fashion
house is considering to re-make the Gumnut Boys varsity jacket. The jacket is
one of the most

Happy Eid al Fitr: A Strategy to Re-style an Old Shirt

Selamat Idul Fitri. Happy
Eid Mubarak to all my Moslem brothers and sisters who just celebrated the end
of Ramadhan recently.

In Indonesia, Idul Fitri
(Eid Mubarak) is celebrated festively. It is not only the occasion to freshen
up our taste buds of Indonesians traditional culinary after a month of fasting,
but also the event to showcase the most elegant and handsome apparels and