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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Lavender Oil Proves for Skin and Face

#1. Acne: For keeping your skin free from mild acne and other blemishes add lavender oil to the night oil you use on a daily basis. You can even try the beauty recipe of mixing 2 tablespoons of tree tea oil with 4 drops of lavender essential oil and apply on the affected areas of your face and leave the pack on your face overnight. The following morning wash it off and by using this face pack for a couple of weeks you will notice the difference.

#2. Bee Sting: Lavender essential oil reduces painful inflammation and itching caused by a bee sting. You can apply a diluted portion of the oil on the wound directly. If you are uncomfortable doing so, you can mix the oil with coconut oil for a soothing effect on your skin.

#3. Eczema: It is a skin problem characterized by inflamed, dry, itchy and patchy skin caused by yeast or bacteria buildup. For treating this problem, make a formulation with Shea butter, Vitamin E lotion and 10-15 drops of the essential Lavender oil.

#4. SunBurn: Get rid of the flaky, blotchy and dry skin caused by sunburn by applying a beauty formulation of 5 teaspoons of the aloe vera gel with 10 drops of the essential lavender oil. Continue this beauty treatment till your skin improves.

#5. Skin Wound: The lavender essential oil works wonders on cuts and wounds. It not only cleans wounds effectively but even reduces pain, inflammation, and bleeding. You can use the oil in diluted form as a disinfectant and for promoting healing with no scarring. Instead of using it in the concentrated form use it with an unrefined oil.

All about Spa Bridal Shower

What woman doesn’t deserve a day at the spa? Some go on a regular basis while others only treat themselves on rare occasions. How cool would it be for your lady guests to open up a spa-theme invitation asking to come and get pampered with bride?

After arriving dressed casually and comfortably, the day could start off with a yoga routine, and then be followed by a deep cleaning mask, a neck message and finish with a manicure and pedicure. The ideas are up to you to choose! You can provide mineral water, flavoured water, fruit shakes, a healthy lunch – preferably finger foods, as it would be more comfortable for mixing and mingling. Definitely provide a little treat or cake for dessert (gotta have a little bit of calories) with sliced fresh fruit.

You could rent out a spa salon for the day, but I would bet that most salons would accommodate you on a day they are closed or after regular business hours. If the rental of the facility is out of your budget, then look into doing it right in your home! Many companies offer a variety of in-home spa services. Decor would be very minimal, just a few floral arrangements, scented candles and of course, relaxing music.

The gift to your guests could be a “spa goody bag” with items such as massage oils, hand creams, scented candles or bath salts. The gifts from the guests may also include a theme – they can purchase gift certificates, beauty products, lingerie, or any personalized items for the bride. Perhaps you already have all the toasters you need!

Due to costs, a spa day wedding shower may not be designed for a large group, but is a great idea for a small number of women. Call around and get a few different quotes to compare services.

Spa Salon Advantages to Glowing You

Many who have been to a salon and spa for a service or two can now tell you that it is all worth it. As you go through proven services from trained staffs, you can definitely have a taste of most if not all of these wonderful benefits when you visit a salon and spa:

· An opportunity to escape from (almost) everything.
· To be able to relax.
· Find inner peace.
· Experienced what pampering really means.
· Beauty enhancement like make-up applications, manicure and pedicure, etc.

Mainly they offer two groups of services with different varieties to choose from:

1. Massage Treatment- tag as the most popular treatment in almost every salon and spa. This is for relaxation, assisting in healing, as well as taking the stresses away from your body system. Other benefit that the massage treatment gives includes proper stimulation of blood circulation, easing much tension and improves your flexibility. A massage technique and styles varies and may offer you therapy and reflexology massage, aroma therapy massage, the ever-popular Zen shiatsu, Swedish and hot stone kinds of massage. Any or a combination of this massages being offered can surely bring you your energy and health back.

2. Beauty and Body Treatment-obviously to feel and look more beautiful remains the top reason why many go to spas and salons. Of course, true beauty comes from within but natural beauty and physical attributes can be enhanced through the expertise of spa and salon staffs. They often offer a wide range of beauty and body treatments and enhancement services like manicure and pedicure, foot and whole body spa, facial and body scrubs, facials and waxing, designer haircuts and finishes, and even make-up applications. All these are being offered to glam-up anyone who wishes to feel and look better.

Natural Healing Wonders

Various spa procedures such as aromatherapy, relaxation techniques such as yoga, facial and body scrubs and massage, the use of sauna and Jacuzzi and among others are employed in combination with relaxing drinks such as teas made from a variety of herbs and plants. Many countries, specifically China, have a wide array of herbal medicines and teas which can be traced back from their culture of traditional Chinese medicine.

If you are planning to open a spa, having a background in tea-making, tea ceremonies, its variety and different purposes and benefits will certainly work to your advantage. Although not all tea varieties are good for the health, it is all the more helpful that you only offer tea drinks that are widely known to perform wonders to the mind, body and spirit.

The oolong tea, which originated from the Fujian province of China, although many countries such as Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam have grown to produce a considerable amount of it, has become very popular among the supermarkets, specialty stores, spa salons and cafes, be it in its unfermented and semi-fermented form. The tea leaves undergo different levels and forms of fermentation process to produce various grades, textures, flavors and smells. Furthermore, the tea is known to stimulate metabolic and digestive processes that aid in losing weight.

The chamomile, believed to have a variety of therapeutic and medicinal value since ancient times and which resembles the aroma of apples, is also sold in tea bags containing dried flowers, leaves and few stems. Chamomiles contain a chemical called azulene that offer tranquilizing, anti-inflammatory, sleep-inducing and analgesic properties. In addition to that, it also has the abilities to promote muscle relaxation such that it is a favorite drink offered after a stressful day and even after a massage or sauna session.