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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Skincare Habits

Avoid Excessive Eye Cream: Some women believe using branded under eye creams would cure their problems of dark circles but an overdose of it should be avoided. An excessive amount of under eye cream causes puffiness around the eyes and block pores causing of trapping more dark pigments and dull looking eyes. It is advised to use a pea-size amount of eye cream. Apply 3 dots under your eye and scrub it in gently with circular movements around the eyes.

Inadequate Sleep: You need sufficient amount of sleep for your skin to glow. While you are sleeping the growth hormones of your body stimulate cell regeneration and tissue repair. With an inadequate amount of rest, the repair process slows down causing age-related defects like sagging, dull skin etc. You should get at least eight hours of sleep every night for a healthy and glowing skin.

Stop Over-exfoliating: Removal of the dead cells from the top layer of the skin is absolutely necessary but using facial scrubs too often can remove the natural oils from your skin. Moreover, the harsh chemicals in the facial scrubs cause an allergic reaction and make your skin more sensitive. Thus be careful while choosing your facial scrub. Pick one with round and smooth granules that is gentle on the skin. You should exfoliate your skin once every week with antioxidant exfoliants.

Inadequate Application of Sunscreen: Whenever you step outdoors make sure your skin is covered with an adequate amount of sunscreen lotion to protect it from the harmful effects of the sun. You should apply a pea-sized portion of the sunscreen on your face and two shot glass amounts on the exposed parts of your body.

Easy Makeup Tips In The Morning

1. Prior Preparation is the Key

This is one of the easiest and the most sorted out tip. By getting your beauty and makeup kit ready beforehand a night before will act as a great time saver for you. Before going to bed make sure that all your products are already lined up so that you don’t waste your time looking out for them in the morning.

2. Foundation Should Be Used When It’s Really Required

One of the ways in which you can save your time while applying foundation is by using it strategically. The best way to apply it is in a T shape which can be done by applying it under the eyes and from nose to the bottom of the chin. These are those areas where most of the people would require the foundation. After applying the foundation, all you need to do is blend it outward over the face with the help of a damp makeup sponge.

3. Make Use of An Eye Shadow Palette

A palette that comes with complementary shades in it will save a lot of your time in figuring out which of the eyeshadow shades will work together. This will enable you to make your eyes look stunning without wasting any time. In addition, you can also make use of the darkest shade as an eyeliner which will enable you in saving a lot of time.

4. Lipstick Can Be Used As a Blush

The best way to add color to your cheeks when you are short on time is by making use of a lipstick as a blush. Make use of your fingers for applying the lipstick to the lip. All the excess lipstick can be applied to the cheek. This is an effective time saving strategy.

5. Cream Makeup Products Are a Time Saviour

Cream makeup products will negate the need to make use of the right makeup brushes. These brushes have to be used with the different makeup products. To save time apply the makeup with the help of your fingers. This will avoid washing the makeup brushes from time to time.

Beauty Tips For Teenage Girls

Daily Hair Brushing For Healthy Hair

Have you been told that to have healthy hair you need to brush your hair vigorously, at least 100 strokes of the brush, at least once every day? This beauty tip was generally accepted as being true until very recently. Probably because any excessive brushing of the hair will stimulate the production of natural oils in the scalp leaving the hair looking shiny and healthy. Recent studies have shown that this type of excess hair brushing not only causes you to have a very oily scalp leading to plugged hair pores to hinder hair growth plus the action of the brushing alone can weaken hair follicles and enhance the chances of hair breakage. So the smart conclusion seems to be that this is one of those beauty tips for teenage girls which can actually cause more harm than good. Final verdict: Fiction

Too Much Sitting Causes Varicose Veins

Have you ever seen someone with dark blue veins running like a spider web up and down their legs and feet? If so, then you have seen what are called varicose veins. One of the often shared beauty tips for teenage girls states that these nasty looking veins are caused by sitting too much. In this case, we are dealing with a fact. Varicose veins are brought about by poor blood circulation which often happens when you are sitting for extended periods of time, and also if you happen to be standing in a certain spot for a long time. To help avoid varicose veins it is very important to be moving your body and stretching so that there is good blood circulation throughout your body, especially in the legs and feet. So avoid any situation where you are required to sit or stand for long periods of time and instead try to get up and walk around or if standing, then move from one spot to another to keep that blood flowing.

Trim Your Hair Makes It Grow Faster

Of all the beauty tips for girls that we are going to look at, this may be one of the most common. Many girls will argue that this really works. Sadly you have cut your hair for nothing, as this does not work and is therefore fiction. Normal hair only grows at an average of one half an inch each month with any excess growth happening only during the summer months. Trimming your hair will not change this growth cycle of the hair and cause it to grow any faster. In fact the hair trimming is doing just the opposite, as once trimmed, instead of having the longer hair you are seeking in reality you now have shorter hair!

Toothpaste Is An Acne Cure

If you are like many teenage girls and struggle to deal with facial acne, your parent or someone else may have suggested the use of toothpaste as an acne cure for your face. Not only is this a fictional beauty tip for teenage girls, but is one beauty tip that may make your acne problem even worse. The fact is that toothpaste does nothing to help cure your facial acne problem and if this is not bad enough, the chemicals contained in the toothpaste may actually promote even more acne and in some cases even lead to scarring. So again, avoid the use of toothpaste and seek professional advice from a dermatologist about what products are safe and effective to use for your acne problem. After all, it is called toothpaste for a reason!

Homemade Spa Treatment

Trying out home spa ideas can help a great deal in rejuvenating you and that too without spending loads of money. For a home spa massage, you don’t really require any special equipment like massage table. All you need is to use your creative imagination to set the mood for relaxation. Life becomes beautiful if you know how to enjoy life and cherish its every moment.

Setting the perfect atmosphere for relaxing your body is very essential, otherwise there is no point taking so much pains. Enjoying the home spa massage with your partner would be a fantastic idea, not only to recharge your energy but also to add some spark to your love life.

Random Tip: Keep your mobiles switched off, while you spa treatment is going on.

Put on some light, soothing music to further enhance your relaxation. Dim lights or candles are just perfect for the spa treatment.

You can prepare the spa by lighting candles around the bathtub. Stress relief and scented candles really help to unwind. Start filling the bathtub with tolerably hot water. Put about a tablespoon of shampoo, shower and bath gel and stress relief mineral bath salts. Adding rose petals can be very soothing and relaxing.

All these ingredients help to relax you. After this get into the bathtub and just enjoy the spa in your bathroom.

Ask your partner to give you a good body massage and you also do the same. The atmosphere should be very peaceful and calm, so you and your partner should speak softly.

Meditate for some time, so as to experience a complete relaxation of mind, body and soul. Close your eyes and perform breathing exercise. First inhale the air, hold your breath for a few seconds and then exhale the air out. Concentrate while breathing, release the tension and let your worries flow out.

The bathroom is an ideal place for a spa and its proper designing is something that is capturing the attention of the people. They are getting more particular about choosing quality design hydro-therapeutic showers and tubs, glass tiles etc.

So try out these home spa ideas and get lost in the beautiful, peaceful world, where you can completely relax yourself.

Random Tip: Take 1 tablespoon of gram flour, 1/4 tablespoon of orange peel powder, 1 tablespoon beaten yogurt and 1 tablespoon olive oil. Mix the ingredients well and apply the paste to your face and neck. Let it remain till the skin starts feeling a little fry and then rub your face with your hands till it glows. Wash your face first with warm water and then with cold water. This will remove all the blemishes. – your ultimate natural beauty mask.