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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Short Strawberry Blonde Hair Colour to Inspire Your Next Look

What makes short strawberry much admirable is the numerous colours that can be combined. Besides, the intensities of each shade make a huge statement. For instance, boosting the red hue can improve the golden colour to fuse amazingly into a rose hair colour.

Principally, champagne, honey, and golden hair shades are common for this reason. The red undertones, ombre, and highlights are also suitable options in strawberry hair shade combinations. This is a great post to read to get more insights on these hair colour combinations.


  1. Strawberry Blonde Hair Ombre

Short strawberry blonde hair styled in ombre is a common thanks to its seamless combination of shades.  For this style, it changes from dark red at the roots to the tan blonde at the trimmings. Maintain it at the shoulder length to make it easy to style and more versatile.


  1. Curly Strawberry Blonde Hair

This strawberry inspired shade makes this medium length curls livelier.  What is more admirable about blending curly hair with strawberry blonde shade is that the colour transforms increasing the movement and dimension of the hair.

  1. Strawberry Blonde Shoulder Length Hair

This is copper balayage with lots of layers and long angled bob. The finish of the strawberry shade is perfectly styled. The hairstyle is a blend of three reds and the dimension created is what brings out the natural red. It can be pulled off curly or straight.


  1. Short Strawberry Blonde with Platinum Highlights

 The hairstyle is characterised by its holographic effect brought up by the strawberry blonde hue in pixie hairdo.  It is recommended to wear it with makeup to make the image of the strawberry blonde even more strong.

  1. Dark Strawberry Auburn

You can achieve this look by employing different methods with varying tones to give the hair depth and dimension while also making it appear thicker. If you are planning to dye your hair red, be ready for regular maintenance as red fade easily especially during the summer days.


Natural Golden Short Blonde Hair

This is a standard long lob hairstyle with fine layers. It looks great for all types of hairs and is low maintenance. It is advisable to go for maintenance every eight weeks and colouring every six weeks. The haircut gives much versatility. It looks excellent worn either curly, straight or even when pulled back.


  1. Warm Tone and Dark Root

This is a chic and classy style, especially with blonde shade. It is much admired because it is warm and feels natural. It is effortless to pull off for the ladies with warm tones of blonde. If you want are low maintenance style, this is the best look you should go for. The idea behind it is to keep your hair looking fresh and livelier, but also polished.