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cheap louis vuitton some of the tie

Where to authenticate louis vuitton Spotting a fake is easy.If you purchase it at a louis vuitton store or a high end designer boutique then its off course real.If its bought anywhere else then its fake.But it gets hard on the net.If you choose to purchase a lv bag on ebay, than it must be presented with a authenticity card and receipt.But watch out about the receipts, because in hong kong fake ones are being made as we speak.The ways of spotting a fake are these 1.It must have the correct lv logo(No clovers, hearts or other random things that aren’t presented on the real thing. )2.The lv logos can’t be too close together.3.The feel of the fabrics must feel smooth and not rough like the chinese cheaps.4.Look at the serial code, but some fakes have none.5.Is it wrapped cheaply in plastic?6.Remember its best to meet up with the louis vuitton uk seller to look at the bag before spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a bag, as the seller might say”No refund”Then you find out its fake and you wasted lots of money on a fake and you can’t have your money back.Take my word for it, because people are very dodgey about fakes and will do everything they can to rip you off. Hey!I have two louiS vuitton bagS,one Speedy30 and one pochette acceSSoirreS.Here are a few wayS to tell if a louiS vuitton bag iS a fake:1.Stitching the Stitching on an authentic Lv will be extremely uniform,even,and Symmetrical.The thread uSed on the monogram canvaS Should be a yellow gold colour.2.HandleS if the handleS come wrapped in plaSticOrtiSSue,it iS moSt likely fake.Real LvS will come in a duSt bag but normally will not be wrapped in tiSSueOrplaStic.AlSo,The leather on authentic LvS iS made of cowhide and Should feel Soft to the touch.The leather will alSo darkenOver time.3.Price if the price SeemS too good to be true,it probably iS.LouiS vuitton doeS not hold SaleS and no oneWitha real Lv iS going to Sell it cheap i would not take any chanceS to Save money by buying off ebay,etc.I would but it right from louiS vuitton So there iS no doubt that it’S real.4.LogoS on Some bagS,Such aS the Speedy,the logoS will be upSide down on one Side becauSe louiS vuitton makeS the SideSWithone continuouS piece of leather,which meanS one Side iS flipped.AlSo,the logoS Should be evenly Spaced and Symmetrical on both SideS.The logoS Should be Spaced So they do not fall under a handle,etc.5.LockS moSt authentic Lv bagS do not have lockS on them check the louiS vuitton webSite and compare the pictureS of the real bag to the other one they Should be identical.If not,don’t buy the other one!6.The fabric on the inSide Should be Soft and good quality.CounterfeiterS are now incorporating Signature detailS into fake louiS vuitton bagS that are difficult for the untrained eye to See.With the brand’S imitated logo plaStered on 99% of all Lv bagS in the marketplace,there’S a big chance that web retailerS are Selling fake bagS beyond new york’S infamouS canal Street.There are numerouS thingS to look for like the color,Serial code,placement of logoS.I have written an entire e book on how to Spot a fake.I waS So fed upWithbeing ripped off that i further reSearched it and all the information iS in my e book,”How to Spot a fake louiS vuitton handbag. ” It haS Saved Some people100’S of dollarS by being able to Spot a real bag right away!Well to Start off with,you Should look to See if the inSide iS old and cruddy and what it feelS like.Remember theSe are expenSive bagS!They have the SmootheSt SuedeAnd themoSt Soft,pluSh leather,So they Shouldn’t feel like rough cheap bagSWithbad materialS.PluS look at the Lv logoS,are they different?And are there weird heartS and cloverS to replace the other flowerS?And pluS Some ShapeS don’t come in the collection,and Some collectionS you See could be a fake due to the fact the chineSe create fakeS that don’t even exiSt! .They Shove on a Lv logo on a random bag and you could call it a deSigner fake.LaSt but not leaSt,definitely check Serial codeS and if the logoS are too cloSe together,and if the logoS aren’t lined up carefully and perfectly at the Stitching,then it’S fake.AlSo feel The leather and canvaS it Should feel Smooth and Should look Shiny(The leather).The only exception to thiS iS on cheap louis vuitton Some of the tieS and ScarveS.All monogram canvaSeS will be the Same on all leather goodS.On the damier canvaS,the boxeS that Say”Louis vuitton paris”On them will be Spaced 9 SquareS apart both horizontal and vertical(4 dark and5 light).Anything elSe iS fake!The price if you get louiS vuitton for under,Say,$250OrSo,you aren’t getting a bargain,you’re getting a fake.Lv never goeS on SaleOrclearance,So be carefulWithinternet purchaSing.Bag priceS range from $250OrSo to $4,or $5,000.The hardware on moSt of the bagS,the zipperS and buckleS will be braSSOrgold.On Some,though,they can be SiLver.AlSo,pay attention to how the Lv’S are carved into the zipperS:Look at them under magnification.If they are clean cut and Smooth there’S a chance it may be real.Don’t depend on thiS,though.Many counterfeiterS pay cloSe attention to detail.The leather the handleS,StrapS(If any),and/or trim will uSually be a white colored cowhide that will oxidize(Change to a darker honey color)Over time.If you are purchaSing a vintage bag then the cowhide will already be oxidized.When it iS new it will be white on the Surface but the inner part will be a red color,and that will alSo change color.If the white doeS not darken,it iS fake.It will Start oxidizing within the firSt few weekS.The bottom will alwayS be plainWithno hardware.Some bagS comeWithlockS and keyS(MoStly the damier canvaS bagS)That are uSually goldOrbraSS like the hardware on the bag itSelf and uSually have a big Lv monogram carved into them.The packaging Lv bagS never comeWithtagS attached.They may have Some paperOrwrapping around the StrapS/handleS,but that’S it!No price tagSOrbarcodeS!The inSide the inSide of a bag Should alwayS have a Small Slab of leather(That will alSo oxidize)With”LouiS vuitton Made in france”Hot Stamped into it.It can alSo Say”Made in italy”,”Made in Spain”,”Made in germany”,or “Made in uSa”. If it SayS anything elSe,it’S fake. I don’t really know what all tHey can Say,I only own Six bagS and tHey all Say “Made in france”. Some of the women’S purSeS may not have thiS,but there will alwayS be Something verifying where it waS made. Location,location,location Be aware of where you are buying your Lv productS. ThiS,by no meanS,meanS that if tHey are Sold elSewhere that tHey are fake. The date code and Serial number All Lv productS have Serial numberS,but all bagS have both a Serial number and a date code. The only people that can read the date codeS are the people that work for LvOrhave experienceWithLv productS.Both codeS(In a bag)Will uSually be hidden behind Some flap of leaherOrcanvaS and can be paintedOrhot Stamped.The colorS on the multicolor SpeedyS and purSeS there are never any redOrturquoiSe”Lv”S. Some may be baby blueOrSome other darkOrlight Shade of blue,but never turquoiSe.And the”Lv”S can alSo be pink,but never red. AlSo,Multicolor bagS never have bowS on them.The font on the patches that have”Louis vuitton paris” hot Stamped into them,pay cloSe attention to the font uSed. There are very round O’S and pointy A’S,V’S,and N’S.The font should not be narrowOrsquared off. If So,it’S fake. The material For Some reaSon,counterfeiterS juSt peel off The leather from a real bag and paSte it on a fake one (why not juSt Sell the real thing,right? ).If the product is faked from scratch then the material used is more than likely not going to be real leatherOrcanvas.Instead it will be plastic and will chip and crack easily. The extraS Never be fooled into thinking a product iS real juSt becauSe it comeSWiththe boxOrShopping bagOrthe “Original receipt”. ItemS Such aS thoSe can be fakedWithextreme eaSe. The duStbag The duStbag Should be a very Soft flannelOrcotton material that iS a brownOrtan colorWithNO HINT OF RED!The only thing that will be on the outside is an embossed”Lv”.If it says anything under it like”Louis vuitton paris”,it’S fake.Internet auctions if a seller on ebay is repetitive about”100% real”Or”All sales final”Or”No refunds”,there’S a 99.99999 percent chance it’s FAKE.About 98% of the listings of designer products are fake.Fyi:No authentic product from a french design house would ever be labeled”Made in paris”Instead of”Made in france”,(Or whatever the actual manufacturing country of origin is).Stamped on hardware. Therefore,anything labeled “Made in paris”Cannot be authentic. If it were,then we’d See origin labelS on productS like “Made in rome(Milan,Delhi,Beijing,Sydney etc. )”Orprovince/State nameS.

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louis vuitton bags across discount

Where to buy designer handbags for less Designer handbags for less are in demand, due to the economic meltdown.At times, women can compromise on other household items for that dream designer handbag, but since there are designer handbags for less, which are available in the market, why compromise? There are a few things women are very passionate about other than their family.They are their makeup, home decor and footwear.There are some, who are passionate about purses, handbags, evening bags, totes, satchels, shoulder bags, etc.The economic meltdown has affected shopping sprees of shopaholics, but that does not mean, we cannot remain in fashion.With the designer handbags for less, we can still do that. To find authentic designer handbags for less, you will have can check the various shopping portals like ebay, amazon, etc.For the latest and cheap deals.These shopping portals have various brands like louis vuitton, gucci, prada, fendi, christian dior, coach handbags, for less.These portals often have designer bags for men as well as women.You will also have to be on lookout for used designer handbags.Sometimes there are used designer handbags, but these bags are in excellent condition. A number of shopping portals also have various discount offers running, during certain seasons, for which you will have to be a regular visitor to these sites.For you never know, when will you get a handbag you have been eying, for as much as 80% discount.Do you wonder, if these are replica designer handbags for less?There are times, when there are particular handbags, which come directly from the designer.These designers can choose to slash down the prices of some items, if they feel that the item does not enjoy a sizable clientele. You can also check the websites of the famous designer brands.A visit to these websites may fetch you some attractive deals on your cherished handbag.Often, during the change in season, you may come across good deals.A number of designers have their outlet stores.These stores have handbags, which either did not go to the retail stores, or were not sold at the retail stores.Sometimes, various departmental stores also come up with discount offers.These stores are able to reduce the prices below the retail prices, because they want to move their inventory.Often, these are the bags, which are starting to go out of fashion or in other words they are getting outdated. There are also wholesale fashion outlets from where you can pick up a designer handbag for less.These fashion outlets have discounts in the range of 25 to 75%.If you are visiting such an outlet, remember to have some spare time in hand, as you may have to scout the place to find the piece, you really want to buy, but i will tell you, the time spent there is always worth it.I have never been disappointed with my visits to these stores.Want to know what is another good thing about these wholesale fashion outlets?They never sell any defective merchandise. There are also warehouses, which acquire excess, marginally defective, returned stock or last season stock.The defects in these merchandise is hardly noticeable.Many times they pass off as a non defective piece itself.If you visit any of these warehouses and decide to buy a piece, remember there are no chances to get the merchandise replaced or you will not be able to return it either. I have come louis vuitton bags across discount coupons from departmental stores in sunday newspapers.The discount range of these coupons is different.Sometimes they have 20% discount.Many a time, these coupons can also be combined with other offers as well.Since, you will buy these handbags from departmental stores, you can be well assured, these are authentic designer handbags for less. Do you think in spite of the deals, the handbags are way beyond your reach?Well then there is another option as well.There are handbags, which are available on contract.You will have to sign a contract with the company.As per this contract, you will be able to use the handbag for a month.After the month is over, you will send the handbag back and in return you will be shipped another handbag.With this, you will get to use a number of handbags, rather every month you will have a new handbag to flaunt.There are classic as well as latest handbags, which you will get to use under this contract. When you buy your designer handbags for less, either online or second hand, you need to be careful.Chances are high, that you will spend a lot of money and get stuck with a fake designer handbag.I would recommend you, do not just buy for the sake of buying.You can wait for some time, save some money and then buy your handbag.You can also reduce the number of your shopping sprees and instead of a few fake designer handbags for less, buy authentic handbags.

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louis vuitton sale in the sex and the

Where to buy the purses seen louis vuitton sale in the sex and the city movie It was inevitable that i would love sex and the city.For the past twenty years i have been obsessed with two things, shoes and purses.Fortunately for me i get to ooh and ahh at all of the purses carrie, miranda, samantha and charlotte carry on sex and the city, and what’s even better is that i can also buy the same purses they carry.When i went to see the new sex and the city movie in the theatre there was a collective”Aaahhh”In the audience when we all saw lily’s cupcake shaped clutch and everyone felt that slight pang of jealousy when louise got her very own louis vuitton patchwork denim bowly handbag.So let’s take a look at how much money we are going to have to shell out to get our own designer handbags, and if you don’t have enough to buy one for yourself we can always be like louise and visit bag, borrow or steal!So let’s start out with lily’s cupcake clutch.It is a liever limited edition strawberry cupcake clutch that features rose and light pink austrian crystals.You can purchase one for your little girl for $4, 295 from bergdoff goodman or. Of course my favorite couture handbag from the movie is the eiffel tower bag by timmy woods.The bag in the movie is covered with over 6, 000 swarovski crystals and can be purchased for $2, 999 at Another favorite handbag of mine in the movie is the fendi medium bag du jour handbag.I don’t know if it is the bag’s classic fendi look or the excellent red color but i find it to be a very classic bag.It’s nowhere near as out there as the couture bags but still makes a statement and turns heads.While the red bag is the handbag featured in the movie this same handbag is also available in the logo design or black, which is even classier than the red.You can purchase the fendi medium bag du jour Published by stephanie raney I am a stay at home mom of four kids.We homeschool, practice sustainable living techniques, love to camp, and travel frequently.View profile

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polo ralph lauren italia to come by

What did marco polo found in his travel

Marco polo discovered the overland route to cathay which is what china was called in that time.He did not actually discover it, because middle eastern traders had used the ‘silk road’ for centuries, but he is credited with being the first westerner to travel it.The overland trade route from the mid east to china was a long and dangerous road, going through mountains, plagued by thieves, and hostile kingdoms.He saw the great wall of china, and he found the capital of cathay and made friends with the great kublai kahn.He saw fireworks, and of course learned something of the various peoples he passed as he travelled.Silk and spices from the lands to the far east were very much prized by the western nations as well as the mid eastern ones.Before marco polo, these goods were very hard polo ralph lauren italia to come by, to westerners, and were very very expensive.Some say that he brought back chinese noodles and that is how spaghetti came to be in italy.

Not a question, a statement my husband passed november 1, 2011 i have wonderful memories but i actually want to be alone, i stay in the same chair i slept in when he laid in his hospice bed in our front room with pictures of him all around me?

Where ralph lauren italia to buy steroids online?I want to make my body fit and smart.I am looking for online steroid company where i can buy steroids.There are lots of companies available online that’s why i am very confused that which company is the best to buy s

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ralph lauren outlet online with her after

What did i do wrong

This is my first post ever.I just googled advice and this cite came up, so here it goes!

I was in a relationship for pretty much 4 years.March 19 was our anniversary.

So i had been with this girl for four years, and it was both of our firsts.I had pretty much done anything and everything to make life easier for this girl, i loved her with my whole heart.She grew up in a tough area, or a ghetto or whatever you want to call it.She had no father, no anything.She’s very anti social and depressing.For the first three years of our relationship i had drove her back and forth to work, and to college.Were we both attended the same work and college.We had a cute little notebook that we both wrote into when one of us was in class and the other was waiting in the car.She never really put anything into the relationship money wise, but she had a great heart and was a very good girl for the most part.Her brother has autism, and i always used to take him to the movies with us and take him out to have fun.I even gave him $500 dollars worth of polo clothes, and iHelped him get a laptop.I even used my credit line toHelp get this girl a computer, and a monitor.She wanted a brand new phone, i went out and got it for her sidekick or whatever it was.I showered her with jealoury and our anniversaries and on birthdays, christmas etc etc.She always wanted an ipod i went out and got it for her.I did everything for this girl, what more could a girl see in a man, if he is willing to do her good, rather than be selfish and do for himself.She trusted me with everything all of her emotions and problems, she was a great catch.Yea we got into fights, and her maturity level was kind of lacking, she always used to get jealous if i talked to other girls etc etc.She was kind of mentally different or whatever, usually has a very bad temper, i don’t know she was a crazy latina!But anyway, i went to florida this december for a great job, she was excited for me and she said we should take a break etc since i was moving away.She was destroyed and i knew it from all the body language and everything, but this job was 1, 300 a week and i would be set for life!It was with pepsi, and in florida, i tried to get her to move down with me but she wanted to finish up school, and felt like she had to do her own thing.So two months go by, and than we really weren’t talking too much i was in my own world with a brand new life, doing great.She started talking to me again out of no where, said that she was pregnant, and i quit my job drove 1, 500 miles back to new hampshire from florida, and to find out that she had lied to me about the whole pregnancy just to get me back.I was bull, cause now i’m back home unemployed and just sitting dwelling about how i screwed everything up over some girl.So i try to act like it doesn’t bother me with everything that happens, we keep getting in fights.I finally get some side work this is february and than i removed her as a relationship status on my facebook(Which was childish and dumb)Because she was angry that i couldn’t see her every night, because i had work at 5am everymorning that week.So a week goes by, and like an idiot i try and get back ralph lauren outlet online with her after i dumped her.Now she comes over and tells me that she is going to take this opportunity to live her life with no regrets, and get over me finally.Im devastated, i sit there and beg like a dog, crying letting all my emotions flow.I have never cried in my life since i was 12 and i’m 24 years old.She leaves, a day goes by i text her, she responds saying she’s sticking to her guns, and she wants me to realize how bad i effed up.So than i let the days go by, texting and calling she ignores it, than on our 4 year anniversary march 19, i sent her two dozen roses, that cost me 180 and i’m unemployed, so it took a lot for me to come up with that.She ignored it, i texted ignored it, i broke down and called her 50 times in a row ignored it.Than i dumped her stuff off at her house that notebook that we had written everything in, at her house with the teddy bear that she used to cuddle with while i was away in florida.She called me on a private number(Cause she changed her number)Flipped out, said never ever go to her property again.So after that a i notice trash bags at my house with all my clothes, etc.Were talking via e mail cause she won’t give me her number, someone hacked her facebook and she blamed me, came to me forHelp with it, but still in the end blamed me for all of it.IHelped her shut down the facebook account, after that couple more days go by more stuff ends up in my driveway in trash bags.Than i put together all her love notes, cards and all stuff that had emotional value it in a trash bag and left it in her driveway.She never talked about it, sent me an e mail saying hi, etc etc, nothing special.I let time go by etc, than april 16 i sent her an e mail, saying how its time for me to put my two feet forward, and worry about myself from now own, explaining how i felt betrayed and all my emotions, for closure for myself, and wishing her luck telling her she was a great girl, and she will find a great man in time, very respectful and responsible.She never responded, and its been almost two weeks.But something dire has happen, she burned a teddy bear at a friends bonfire, and had her friend post the pictures of it on facebook?Seriously, is she doing this for attention or wants a response out of me?Its been almost 2 weeks of complete no contact.What do i do?And why did she burn that and post it on facebook?Help!

Oh i forgot, she was a huge part of my family.When i was in florida she would always visit my mother and hang out with my two dogs, for rememberence of me.She was definitely a keeper, but with all that’s going on i’m just so jaded.The worst part is i’m unemployed for two months now, and i just sit and dwell, because i don’t have money to do anything.Best part is while i was in florida, she called me asking for money for school cause she needed help, i sent her 300 dollars threw the wal mart money center, than a week later she needed money for gas, and her girlfriends where having a party, and she needed to get stuff for it, and i sent her another 100 dollars.Gasp, i hate this

You need to keep going on with your life and leaving her in your past.The more you ignore her the easier it will be on you and she will most likely try even more ways of contacting you.The key is to stick to what your brain is telling you, now is not the time to think with your heart because this girl has done stepped on your heart and burnt it for that matter.

Money can buy a lot of things but it doesn’t buy happiness or love.You will find a woman who loves you for the person you are not for what you can give her.Good luck in moving on and finding your mrs.Right!

Baby mama drama, all messed up!

Ok, me and my boyfriend started going together on august 1st 2007, on september 27th 2007 the girl he dealt with before we got together called him and told him she was pregnant and that the baby might be his but she didn’t know if.I’m going to the doctors on trusday 27th agust, but i would.

I need some one to tell me what’s wrong and if any thing is wrong [ 12 answers ]

My partner and me have been having sex for a year already but for 3 months he has done it with out a condom and i have not gotten pregnant and we really want to be parents.What is wrong? : (

Wrong place at wrong time [ 11 answers ]

Hello all would like you r insight for my sister and her husband.They were recently arrested for murder in the 1st degree and conspiracy to commit robbery.They both claim that they were not going to rob the guy whom was an ex roommate but ask him for the money they felt he owed them when a friend.

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