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Natural Healing Wonders

Various spa procedures such as aromatherapy, relaxation techniques such as yoga, facial and body scrubs and massage, the use of sauna and Jacuzzi and among others are employed in combination with relaxing drinks such as teas made from a variety of herbs and plants. Many countries, specifically China, have a wide array of herbal medicines and teas which can be traced back from their culture of traditional Chinese medicine.

If you are planning to open a spa, having a background in tea-making, tea ceremonies, its variety and different purposes and benefits will certainly work to your advantage. Although not all tea varieties are good for the health, it is all the more helpful that you only offer tea drinks that are widely known to perform wonders to the mind, body and spirit.

The oolong tea, which originated from the Fujian province of China, although many countries such as Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam have grown to produce a considerable amount of it, has become very popular among the supermarkets, specialty stores, spa salons and cafes, be it in its unfermented and semi-fermented form. The tea leaves undergo different levels and forms of fermentation process to produce various grades, textures, flavors and smells. Furthermore, the tea is known to stimulate metabolic and digestive processes that aid in losing weight.

The chamomile, believed to have a variety of therapeutic and medicinal value since ancient times and which resembles the aroma of apples, is also sold in tea bags containing dried flowers, leaves and few stems. Chamomiles contain a chemical called azulene that offer tranquilizing, anti-inflammatory, sleep-inducing and analgesic properties. In addition to that, it also has the abilities to promote muscle relaxation such that it is a favorite drink offered after a stressful day and even after a massage or sauna session.