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Spa Treatments at Home

For a natural facial treatment a slice of cucumber can be used which should be placed over each eye for a few minutes. For sufferers of puffy eyes, ice cubes or a cold, damp cloth can be placed over the eyes to bring down the puffiness. Nourishing eye pads could also be used as an alternative because as they are cool they aid in the reduction of puffiness while soothing, refreshing, and revitalizing the eye at the same time, and the whole process only takes a few minutes. For extra coolness you could even keep the pads in the fridge.

While your eyes are being nourished eyes, why not give your body a pampering by filling your bath and soaking in hot water full of restorative minerals. These have the effect of leaving the skin feeling soft and silky smooth to the touch. A body scrub is the perfect accompaniment for this and is used to exfoliate the dead skin from the body. Once the relaxing bath is over, rub on some moisturizing mineral cream which will aid in the relief of tension as well as restoring any lost moisture.

Some people love facials, so go for a face masque for that perfect home-facial treatment. There are a plethora of masques available to buy, but the most popular ones are the self-heating masques which have the effect of warming up as it is smoothed over the face.
Quite a few of these masques are enriched with the likes of vitamins C and D as well as green tea extract and these type of masques are perfect for purging the skin of impurities like dirt and excess oil.

Sufferers of dry skin will require extra moisturizing treatment so an organic enzyme body masque is needed to target those dry areas. The masque should be smoothed on the affected dry area and be allowed to dry for a good few minutes. It should be rinsed off thoroughly once it has dried. This type of treatment is especially effective on dry feet and hands so for that extra feeling of softness, rub on some moisturizing mineral lotion.